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by:Level      2020-07-20
In our common life, go out to worry about is after two questions, is the key to have forgot, is our door not safe, so now, the two problems have is no longer a problem, because the independent research and development production of a high-end intelligent fingerprint combination lock to solve the safety hidden trouble, we give back to the owner, feedback the masses of people and a lot of work. The intelligent fingerprint combination lock is not only safe, durable, and the price is cheap, the letter quality of a material to produce intelligent fingerprint combination lock, broke the high-end intelligent fingerprint combination lock market is expensive. We produce intelligent fingerprint combination lock with preferential price, the quality of the high-end let ordinary people also can use safe and reliable intelligent fingerprint trick lock, the benefit from the massive construction of science and technology as the life and safety. So the smart fingerprint combination lock what's so special about? The lock mode is very special, which is divided into four lock mode: the fingerprint lock, password lock, remote control to open, the key to open the lock. Diversification of the lock mode not only break the traditional way of open the door, improves the safety protective measures, and the appearance of the independent design rich strong sense of modern breath, science and technology. Unique design of background light when you press the password and scanning fingerprints, background lights light up automatically, make you can to see clearly the keyboard in the middle of the night. Core lock body are all made of pure stainless steel material, durable, safe and reliable, and put an end to the lock tongue fracture and lock body structure is not stable, reinforced structure lock body, prevent pry insurance locks the tongue and the indoor function. Unique hidden keyhole, is not easy to found, to ensure the safety limit. In addition, the intelligent fingerprint combination lock with intelligent household, quality of a material is produced by the letter of intelligent life is coming, let your life become to be both safe and comfortable & hellip; …
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