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by:Level      2020-07-20
Fingerprint lock before entering the market, it has helped to establish a good brand in consumers' mind image, can make the product to be accepted by the market rapidly, so make the fingerprint lock brand image is the fingerprint lock the top priority in the process of enterprise development. From the point of fingerprint lock market, due to the lack of consumers on the fingerprint lock cognition, sales fingerprint door lock is in a state of disadvantage. From the perspective of a listed fingerprint lock, degree is low, the markets were lower, is a big problem faced by all the fingerprint lock enterprise. Relevant authorities, according to a survey of consumer is great disorder impeding the ability of a fingerprint lock consumption quality, followed by price, design, after-sales service and function. In practice, the general consumers for the technical content of products and the quality of recognition is very fuzzy, and understanding of fingerprint combination lock brands is quite clear, so the consumers' mind is the quality and service, with the eyes looking brand is indeed. For fingerprint lock, the customer won't be able to buy a 3000 yuan or so, no brand. Fingerprint lock enterprise want to foothold in the market, must establish good brand image in consumers mind. Fingerprint lock products become essential in the filed of engineering products, creating international places such as office buildings, such as authority, excellent model projects will be giving a shock to the customer directly, and is easy to establish a reliable brand image in customers' mind. All rights reserved: Smart door lock reprint please indicate the source)
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