Burglary case 1. 6 million every year in our country, forgot to take my keys to climb the house hanging events since 17000, and so the fingerprint password

by:Level      2020-07-15
According to the China household door lock usage survey report shows that 89. 11% of consumers for locks don't worry about the theft problem of security. According to the report, consumer attention & other; Anti-theft security & throughout; And low security formed a big contrast, also caused widespread concern. Many people pay attention to security guard against theft, because at present, China's security situation is still grim, burglary and constantly in the press, the prohibition and burglary, the main reason is that China's current security caused by lower the locks. Security situation grim, climb window home has a risk. In the morning of May 27 yongkang door during the expo, China's security product industry association issued a 'fingerprint combination lock security index in China'. The index shows that the burglary case 1. 6 million every year, more than 65% of burglary case is through technical opening locks, about 5% of the burglary case burglary door is through violence. Technology, therefore, the lock and unlock violence accounted for about 70% of the cases of burglary, so home anti-theft lock is the key. While only 19% of the cases is climbing through the window burglary, 11% of the cases by LiuMen burglary. In addition to the lock does not bring serious security situation, the safety of our country each year due to forgot to bring my keys or lost keys, and forced to climb the window door accidentally fall injuries or death events of 17000, to people's lives has brought great threat. Is happens every year so many fell to his death caused by theft and lost the key events, mainly because our country is still more than 98% of the users in the use of the traditional mechanical locks, of which more than 50% of users are still in use unsafe grade A mechanical lock. Multiple anti-theft, fingerprint combination lock safer in a burglary case under the background of the high-risk users can replace the higher level, security, better grade C anti-theft mechanical lock. In theory, class C mechanical lock open no matter from the technical opening or violence prevention on the length of A and B were higher than the level of mechanical lock. However, in the eyes of the thieves are never can't open the lock, just the length of time. So, the replacement of a qualified fingerprint combination lock is very necessary. Compared with the traditional mechanical locks, smart door lock features, slam the door keys + door lock design, traditional keys into a password, the door card, mobile phone, fingerprints, etc. Most of the mechanical locks before skillful thieves are vulnerable, so to speak. But smart door locks, because use the structure and technology, unlike traditional lock and resistant technology open, prevent violence open alarm and remote monitoring function, so is safer than mechanical lock. People is the key, from then on don't have to take the key as we all know, every year there are more than 17000 fall of incidents by key, because the traditional mechanical keys not only not convenient to carry, but also exists the defect of easy to lose. Combination lock and fingerprint biometric, passwords, CARDS, mobile phones, and other open manner. Removes the keys of the worry, also need not to worry about the lost key. 1, biometric open. Along with the continuous development of biological recognition technology and mature, fingerprints, face, iris, refers to the vein has begun to widely used in fingerprint biometric technologies such as combination lock. That is to say, after installed the fingerprint combination lock, just click on the fingerprint and face or brush can open the door, not letter you also lost themselves. 2, cryptic phone unlock. If you don't want to use the fingerprint to open locks, you can also use the password to open. And, at present a lot of fingerprint combination lock support virtual password function, before and after the correct password to enter Numbers, as long as there is a continuous correct password can open, not only convenient but also prevent peeping. 3, credit card and remote control lock. Compared with traditional key lock, fingerprint combination lock can also be described in the form of a card or remote control lock, card and remote control, of course, also easy to lose, do not recommend commonly used. 4, mobile phone unlocked. Fingerprint combination lock and unlock phone support, which can be divided into mobile phone remote authorization and unlock unlock phone process. At present there are two ways to open mobile process, one is to install the APP bluetooth induction unlock, another is by WeChat lock. Set the remote unlock mainly through cell temporary password lock, or through mobile phone network control combination lock unlock a fingerprint. Epilogue: a high incidence of burglary cases not only because the mechanical lock is unsafe, it is climb window door because we forgot to take my keys or lost keys. Although currently on the market there are some relatively safe mechanical lock, but there is also the key of inconvenience carry or missing defects, so only install a qualified fingerprint combination lock to keep safe and stay alive.
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