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by:Level      2020-07-27
If you want to buy high quality electronic door lock in gansu province, don't miss the gansu electronic door lock of ultra-low power consumption, durable, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Electronic door lock automatic SMT process, the surface is three special processing electromagnetic microwave induction technology, is not affected by environment, card read distance of 2. Imports more than 5 cm military master control chip, proprietary technology, more than 70% of the integrated digital circuit technology, safer and more reliable choice for leading industrial design ability, is advantageous in terms of industrial design, now has hundreds of national patents, senior designer team, professional inspection personnel, combination, produce excellent products, fashionable and beautiful and economical meet the user's own multiple needs further more national patents, and in increasing every year, at the same time also in unceasing optimization and summarizes the electronic door lock technology, provide customers with comprehensive, reasonable gating integrated solutions. All rights reserved:
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