Buy intelligent fingerprint locks need to understand which parameters?

by:Level      2020-07-22
Now the social life rhythm faster, increasing the quality of people's living standards and also, many intelligent products gradually into the many families, smart door lock is one of them. When purchasing a intelligent fingerprint door lock products, what are the parameters is the key to understand? 1. Lock level intelligent door locks are basically with grade C lock, can effectively prevent the thief in a short period of time can't unlock by technology; But there are some undesirable businessman in the advertising of class C lock core, with grade A or grade B really lock, so need to understand A, B, C grade lock core, through the key to distinguish whether A category C. 2. Fingerprint identification way now intelligent fingerprint locks are mostly adopted semiconductor fingerprint identification, is living fingerprint identification technology. But some small white does not distinguish between optical fingerprint recognition and semiconductor fingerprint identification. Optical fingerprint recognition because of its limitations and greatly influenced by the environment, has gradually be eliminated in the fingerprint lock. 3. Must first understand a little bit open way, and is not a way to open the door lock better, basically with a fingerprint, password, CARDS and mechanical keys, and bluetooth, WeChat small procedures, APP, remote control, etc. , diversified way to meet the diverse needs of people.
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