Buy smart door lock could not professional term you want to understand

by:Level      2020-07-22
At the end of the year approaches, all kinds of promotion is crazy, smart door lock stores is not exceptional also, launch a variety of benefit promotion, let a person dazzling. As the saying goes, & other; The mutant ever victorious & throughout; And for intelligent door of choose and buy friends, it is also necessary to understand the basic properties of the product when make, you know how much of intelligence door lock common terms? Know what & other; Resolution & throughout; 吗? What is & other; Recognize false rate throughout the &; 吗? Small make up today will give you a simple introduce some smart locks the jargon of the industry, make when buy. 1, what is the resolution of the resolution is the understanding of the intelligence door lock fingerprint reading head, as the principle of the pixels of the camera and the higher the pixels, shine the clearer; And the higher the resolution of the fingerprint reading head, the faster the reaction speed, to identify the more accurate, more stable performance. According to the smart door lock industry standard, fingerprint reading head a resolution of 500 dpi, below the resolution of the fingerprint reading head, reaction speed, the recognition accuracy and stability is not guaranteed. In general, the resolution in 500 dpi smart door locks, door time generally in 1 seconds. Below this value, open the door speed to 1 second or even a few seconds. At present, the domestic intelligence door lock resolution is high, the resolution up to 560 dpi, open speed is less than zero. 2 seconds, the real implementation advice that is quick. 2, what call & other deterrent to rate; Deterrent rate throughout the &; , also known as false rate, fingerprint identification system is a key technical index, it said should not matching the probability of the fingerprint was accepted by the system. Said is straightforward, with no input fingerprint fingers open intelligence door lock probability. , for example, a person's fingerprint and no entry to the smart door locks, but when I opened the door with his fingers, smart door lock think his fingerprint information and have recorded a fingerprint matching, so automatic unlock. Deterrent to rate the level of relationship between the security of smart door lock deterrent to rate the lower intelligence door lock is safe, whereas the less safe. In terms of current smart door lock industry, common deterrent rate at around one over one million, safety coefficient is relatively high. 3, what is boomed from & other; Boomed from & throughout; , also known as & other; False reject rate throughout the &; , fingerprint identification system is another key technical indicators, the source said the same fingerprint rejected matching probability. In other words, yao has been input fingerprint, but when you use the fingerprint system considered is not stored fingerprints, and the probability of dozen don't open the door. Like some people normally open a door with a fingerprint is fine, but occasionally one or two will have to use the smart locks after dozen don't open the door. The more stable boomed from the lower intelligence door lock, conversely, the more unstable. In terms of current smart door lock industry, the common boomed from around one percent, stability coefficient can also ascend. And solve the fingerprint really can't open the door from the effective way is by several more of the fingerprint. 4, what is called biological living fingerprint identification technology, based on the biological living fingerprint characteristics and stability, the real living fingerprint identification technology, can leather fingerprint recognition to the skin, and can be used to identify the subtle skin temperature, humidity, guarantee is only live for identification of advanced technology. Its important advantages is to avoid the duplicate fingerprints, dry fingerprint muddle through security technical problems. White-collar workers, for example, homemade fingerprint is used to clock in, in a biological living fingerprint identification technology of intelligent door locks can only white blind here. Only human fingerprints can open it. Face/facial recognition is based on the identity of the person's facial features information a biometric technology. With a camera or camera collection contains face images or video stream, and automatically detecting and tracking human face in the image, and then to detect face to face a series of related technologies, often also called portrait recognition, facial recognition.
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