Daily life intelligent fingerprint lock maintenance tips

by:Level      2020-07-19
Takeaway: in the field of household what fire? There is no doubt that, of course, is the smart home; What in the field of smart home, that the fire? Many people think of first is certainly smart lock. And smart locks, and hot on the concept of smart home is limited to a very different nature, because smart lock has come a hype phase, and were walking into the ordinary people. Intelligence is generally more expensive than the traditional mechanical lock, lock lock so consumers pay more attention to usual maintenance, but 95% of the intelligent lock users do not know how to maintain their own right. With the popularity of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock users more and more, relatively high rate of the southern coastal city of fingerprint lock, high rate of propaganda, the northwest region of the fingerprint lock daily maintenance of information flow is less. Fingerprint lock is very important, so the fingerprint lock how should maintain? Below small make up will tell you how to maintain good oneself of fingerprint lock. 1, in daily life, to ensure that the fingerprint lock clean and tidy. Regularly check the lock body state of technology, collection and input fingerprint, finger strength is moderate, do not heavy pressure, available to clean cloth to wipe dirt fingerprint acquisition window lens, because after years of use time, surface dirt, may affect the normal use. Don't use wet dishcloth or clean with clean ball smart locks, so it is easy to hurt intelligent electric plating on the surface of the lock. The average 3 - Six months of self check, found that processed in a timely manner, the components in the dysfunctional loose and tighten and adjust, for some parts, guard against sex change. 2, add lubricating oil. Lock as the primary mechanical structure of a fingerprint lock, naturally can not ignore the maintenance. Found the lock core is not too loose or not insist on accurate orientation, then shall be submitted to the lock filling grease, should pay attention to oil gun injection to the lock core, and not excessive, scroll handles and knobs, until the door locks adjustable stops. When long time use, smart lock open is not flexible, the handle can't rebound level position, not flexible mechanical key to open the door, and so on and so forth, also need to add lubricating oil to lock. 3, the replacement of the battery. Intelligent lock when subjected to a battery low at least two weeks notice in advance, please replace the battery in time, lest affect normal use. If appear because of no electricity can't open, can use emergency charging treasure or use equipped with emergency key to open the lock. 4, handle do not hang things. Please don't hang on the handle heavy objects, do not hang any object, so as not to handle pressure for a long time, destroy the balance of a hand. Although it is lock body is waterproof, please try to avoid contact with water or other liquid, or immersed in water or other liquid. If the shell comes into contact with the liquid or salt fog, please use soft cloth to wipe, good water imbibition. Can also be used to wipe the mirror cloth to wipe the fingerprint acquisition window grime, because after years of using time, the surface will have dirt, may affect the normal use. 5, don't let the lock surface contact with corrosive substances. Although the safety of the lock is the first point, but is also important to watch. So, don't let the lock surface contact with the corrosive substance: oh, that will destroy the lock protective cover, effects on the oxidation of locking surface gloss or cause surface coating. Only in the process of use to give the correct maintenance to ensure its intelligent fingerprint lock effect and prolong its service life.
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