Demand for the future development of fingerprint lock

by:Level      2020-08-05
Fingerprint technology swift and violent development in today's society, fingerprint lock is born, and rapid development, so the fingerprint lock future development have what demand? Fingerprint lock future development has the following several requirements: one, to popularize and apply now, fingerprint lock market in China, mainly used in the project and some high-end sites. However, fingerprint lock can be mechanical locks, trick lock, the induction lock after another generation of locks, naturally to the development trend of universalization. Fingerprint lock has universal development trend, because the fingerprint lock and other mechanical locks, trick lock, the induction phase lock comparison: high security, no copy, but the memory is strong, can lock in public, high portability, will never be lost, guard against theft. Besides, the fingerprint lock has become a symbol of high quality life. Now, when the market to foreign brands of high-end and mid-range of homebred brand to give priority to. Relative to consumers, fingerprint lock is similar to the luxury, awareness is not high enough for the fingerprint lock, common to be education stage. On the market is blossoming, most fingerprint lock brands have focused on the project, the civil market popularize basic blank, like the traditional mechanical lock retail civilian as big and huge market space. This by visiting each big building materials market, hardware, hardware stores, etc. , can be found that mechanical lock also sing leading role, the fingerprint lock only sporadically appear in some high-end building materials center. Universal demand has yet to inspire, give many investors with fingerprint lock brands into opportunities. Grasp the business opportunities is the key to fingerprint lock and mechanical lock price different needs: the fingerprint lock is generally more expensive than mechanical lock dozens of times and even hundreds, is undoubtedly a barrier hindering the development of the fingerprint lock is blossoming. However, fingerprint lock the universalization trend is irreversible. Second, durable since ancient times, our basic cognition of door lock, is can ask its durability. Durable become our basic requirements of fingerprint lock. Because, who also don't want to today just installed a fingerprint lock, couldn't wait to tomorrow to replace a new one. According to the biological research experts research data, the average person's fingerprint repeatability is one in 5 billion m, and people grow up to 8 years old, the fingerprint remains the same shape, then the fingerprint are rather unique and unrepeatable. In fingerprint technology can provide reliable and accurate recognition, and can be reset and remove fingerprints, on the basis of measuring a fingerprint lock quality and safety performance is good or bad, mainly on the service life of the door lock, durable nature can prolong the service life of the door. This is not just the fingerprint lock price is generally higher than mechanical lock, and door lock installation will produce many inconvenient factors. Especially now that people life rhythm is faster, the mind has been busy working with the flood of information troublesome, if the door is not durable, often appear this or that kind of problem, still fighting for change, so high-tech fingerprint lock can become a liability instead. In fact, we can ask a simple question, why do you want to install a fingerprint lock, because durable saves a lot of unsafe troubles. This is the people on the mental cognition of door lock since five thousand. Three and fashionable vogue is a sign of progress of this age. Fingerprint lock as a new tool to change your lifestyle, constantly leading quality fashionable household life and space. This is mainly embodied in the fingerprint lock process on the structure and design ideas. Especially the appearance of the foreign fingerprint lock brand, popular line collocation and harmonious.
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