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by:Level      2020-07-15
At present, the concept of sanitary ware products, has been far breakthrough the traditional concept of the past. As a modern luxurious life's iconic products, it into every aspect of people's life. Which not only has the function of health and clean, it should also include, appreciate, and entertainment functions. In terms of use function, sanitary ware products processing alone appeared churn type, silent type, oblique shock type, straight type, siphon, injection, etc. The modelling of bathroom hardware products appeared even, and the basin series, even implement, the washer, crouch, urinal, mop basin, pillar or desktop wash basin, etc. In recent years, sanitary ware products also launched additional have a carefree type basin of bath crock, ark, steam room, and other functions of a series of accessory products. Tend to be more humanized, sanitary hardware hardware products and rich products, can be more selective. Good sanitary hardware development situation analysis four trends with the rapid development of real estate industry, will inevitably lead to the development of sanitary hardware industry. Bathroom hardware will also present new development trend, bathroom hardware products could go home, more meet the needs of household hardware. The design of the sanitary hardware sanitary ware will be more humanization, energy conservation and environmental protection is daily of new features of the hardware that defend bath hardware product. Some argue that the development & other; Bonus & throughout; Disappear, as the cost of the rigid rise. Sanitary ware industry high-speed growth period is over. But there are also people who believe that defend bath hardware industry as branches of the sanitary ware industry, market pattern has not yet been forming, e-commerce and emerging channels such as hypermarket is on the rise again, space is still huge growth. Future sanitary hardware market has the following trends: a: hutch defends integration although kitchen and toilet function difference is huge. Both are nearly the same, but from the perspective of hardware products. Will use faucet, pendant, floor drain, integration of hutch is defended decorate a choice for most people, thus led to the integration of procurement of sanitary hardware products, household decorates hardware manufacturing enterprises will also make every effort to provide a full set of hardware products. Trend 2: science and technology of intelligent speed up the development of science and technology in the application of sanitary hardware products that defend bath in materials science, Alloy material, ceramic valve core, nanotechnology) Induction system ( Temperature control chip, the heat device) Art and design ( Aesthetics, human body engineering, fluid mechanics) On. Trend 3: creating personalized consumption market segment future consumers buy sanitary hardware products will no longer be a simple goods than goods & throughout; Personalized, quality and grade of sanitary ware culture is embedded in the traditional values. In the market & other; Imitation of European & throughout; The plethora of products is an example. But along with the further personalized. Other segment of the market will gradually form, simple imitation throughout Europe &; Or & other; Imitation beauty & throughout; The style of consumers will be less and less. Sanitary hardware marketing environment has from the product as the core to consumers as the core, to cater to changing consumer demand will be the significant challenges for manufacturers. Trend 4: diversification of traditional supply chain sanitary hardware supply chain is such for hardware manufacturing enterprises and their products. Through traditional distribution ( Agent) Business level distribution channel network products to consumers for the finish. To promote products for the purpose of realizing the money collecting. As a seller's market into a buyer's market, supply chain is off to the downstream, consumers become more and more important. The supply chain by & other; Push & throughout; To & other; Pull & throughout; In the process of transformation, some enterprises choose vertical integration, some choose channel sinks, some choose to form a strategic alliance between upstream and downstream, some choose wahaha type interlock body, some choose to e-commerce, which form will stand out remains to be seen.
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