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by:Level      2020-07-18
Many people decorate want to improve the quality of life or experience of high-tech, and chose to install smart door lock. But smart locks before you have to know these four things, will talk to you today, before you choose and buy smart door lock must understand a few things. A, test area, smart door lock is better than mechanical lock on both mechanical locks and intelligent electronic door lock, safety must be the core. Although some parts of the city's new community intelligence door lock is standard, but the vast majority of consumers of this kind of new door lock cautious wait-and-see attitude, and also want to buy, but worry about their safety, on the one hand is questioning about the safety of intelligent door, on the other hand but how smart door lock technology and quality, it is mainly residential surrounding security environment, let owner worry about whether there will be a 'do not prevent thieves against the thief'. Compared with the traditional mechanical locks, consumers feel smart door lock on the unlock way just different. The former is by physical key, which is from fingerprints, password, mobile phone or card, etc. ; Security is at the heart of the lock body and not trigger the unlock. Fingerprint unlock - - - - - - - Fingerprint difficult to replicate and must identify for living, and if a stranger want to through fingerprint identification into your home is simply a fable. Steal fingerprint plot in the movie never won't happen to you. The password to unlock - - - - - - - Password to unlock with peeping prevention function, 12 keyboard will automatically to 2 ~ 3 random number ( Random number + password) And then enter your password; Free mode, the other is a virtual as the password input a string of Numbers, as long as the Numbers contained in the password ( + password + * * * * * *) Can unlock success. On the one hand, to prevent passing the number of people see you input, on the other hand to prevent a fixed number of some leave fingerprints on a keyboard. - mobile phone app and card - - - - - - Mobile phone app and card playing the key role, first of all to match with the door lock, unless your phone or card is missing, otherwise unable to unlock. According to the provisions of the relevant domestic departments, listed on the domestic intelligence door lock must leave the physical key, namely intelligent locks retained the original mechanical lock unlock the traditional way, in fact, from this point of view, trigger the door locks upgrade part is depend on motor, and trigger the motor running is fingerprints, password, or other ways. Second, what intelligent lock door can hold? Most people put smart door lock installed in wooden door, some friends also choose to install smart locks, security doors, of course, did not rule out the glass doors also want to install the idea of electronic lock. Smart door lock is destructive, namely after removal of the original mechanical lock according to the existing lock body in cutting, convenient fixation and installation. Security door thickness, but also conform to the installation of intelligent door locks, followed by the wooden door, due to the limited thickness must be the related data ( Subsequent detailed introduction) Told businessmen, most of the wooden door does not support the lock of heaven and earth, so there is the demand you need more friends some effort to find it. Glass door is a door in the thin three construction is difficult, so many brands do not produce glass door of the intelligent door locks. According to demand, public security doors installed smart door locks, optional sex more. Third, what kind of people is more suitable for smart door lock? You go out the trash, and behold a gust of wind blew over the locks you outside the door. The emergence of smart door lock is convenient travel, such as the old man often forgot to bring my keys, with intelligent locks by fingerprint identification can enter; If the parents or the guest's surprise visit and you haven't got home, the mobile phone unlocked remotely, also is very good hospitality. The advantage of smart door lock - - - - - - - People who have independent housing rest assured to buy smart door locks, for the landlord, renting smart door lock is more suitable for installation. Human fingers live 'key' is not only convenient to the landlord for personnel management, more do not need to worry about before a group of tenants has the potential to 'copy' key. That is to say, the intelligent lock is suitable for all people to use! Four, not blindly pursuing international brand, fit is good. People long to 'celebrate' foreigners mentality to the choose and buy products, but because when smart door lock of choose and buy foreign brands have confidence, foreign intelligence door lock brands are really fit you? It is understood that some brands of smart door lock does not support the hook, if you want to keep existing locks lock point under the premise of domestic product or choose a big lock body smart door lock is more suitable for you. Before buying, therefore, must be consulting clear, some products don't hook with heaven and earth, some products with heaven and earth hook but only conventional lock body, lock body is bigger if you home ( Commonly known as the overlord lock body) , lock point is more, need with merchants to confirm ahead of time, choose to suit oneself and family, is really good!
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