Digital fingerprint lock up a lock technology, brings to the lock industry big development | |

by:Level      2020-07-18
In terms of locks the product itself, locks on the market in our country is mostly mechanical core lock and ball lock. The two lock production technology is simple, as long as the genuine materials, strictly control each production link, the general won't appear the quality problem. But the two lock not high-tech product, low technical content, upgrade is difficult. Therefore, domestic lock industry after nearly 20 years of development, there is no breakthrough. Product function is always located in practical, security anti-theft function. Companies can do great efforts is to control the quality of our products to new appearance design. It is no exaggeration to say, low technical content cause plugging core and congenital deficiency of ball lock, lock lock industry development board. Digital fingerprint lock up a lock technology, brings to the lock industry development, and an enterprise is to survive, in the aspect of product must walk on two legs, one is to have a high value-added products, it can bring more profit for enterprises; 2 it is to have walk quantity of products, this product only need to make a small profit, the purpose is to attract the attention of consumers, improve the brand and the influence of the enterprise. Both are short of one cannot. For lock enterprise, ball lock can be used to walk quantity, whereas the insert core locks and electronic locks could obtain more profits. Lock companies should be hard skills, and constantly develop high technology content, high value-added new products, on the basis of vigorously promoting the quality of products, improve the degree of brand. Increase the intensity of product research and development, its nearly four s & other; China chic & throughout; Series of products are superior in quality and unique design, is designed for high-end door companies to build products, is very popular with the market, implements & other; High-end door with the lock & throughout; The goal of.
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