Don't accidentally will fall into this trap fingerprint combination lock

by:Level      2020-07-31
Fingerprint combination lock the sense that gives a person is only, high-end, fashionable, but more face to face with feeling is expensive, generally in 23000 yuan of above. Because thought that people's consumption concept is common lock dozens of yuan, your point is hundreds of yuan, so some fingerprint combination lock merchants to launch some one thousand yuan of the following fingerprint combination lock sales team through taobao or offline community flow wantonly dumping, the existence of nearly one thousand yuan of preferential price difference. Fingerprint combination lock price are wide apart, the main reason is that the fingerprint combination lock in China a few years, so the price is not transparent. But the price of opaque based on industry background factors is bigger, the fingerprint combination lock industry has developed for nearly 20 years, though but in the past two years began to enter the public view. Therefore fingerprint combination lock industry marketing channels, supply chain information, the information such as the production cost is not transparent, coupled with the fingerprint combination lock brand manufacturers in the protection of dealers, from outside the published price of the product information. So the fingerprint combination pricing in the hands of businessmen, basic combination lock merchants just offer some fingerprint is taken for granted. First of all, the fingerprint combination lock manufacturers to price, then left fingerprints combination lock dealers at all levels to lock access price is not the same, even the same level dealers, agents have been take cost are distinct, so dealers at all levels at the time of sales fingerprint combination lock will appear the same product, the phenomenon of the different price. Second, due to the development of electricity, especially in a less known and inferior brand of baoshan many will be on a treasure with very low price to attract consumers. Consumers are more vulnerable to online quality, after-sale insecurity fingerprint combination lock the temptation of merchants. Moreover, because the fingerprint combination lock industry service system lags behind, the vast majority of brand manufacturers are unable to control their brand after-sales channels, so the fingerprint combination lock merchants have greater flexibility when sales fingerprint combination lock, fingerprint matching the combination lock price difference after sales service, and the different merchants to provide after-sales service is also different, which lead to the fingerprint combination lock price differences. Users to buy the fingerprint, especially for users in the online purchase, must not blindly covet is cheap. Because everybody knows online after-sale maintenance, especially online such a low price product, after is not guaranteed.
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