Don't put the fingerprint lock, because. 。 。

by:Level      2020-07-20
Don't put the fingerprint lock, because. 。 。 You will be addicted! Like great smoky, quit don't quit! ! ! Di di appear when we feel difficult to travel when we feel bleep expensive, poor service, sharing a bike appear when we have no time to take to the streets and shopping, taobao appear when we don't have time to cook but don't want to eat instant noodles, Meituan, hungry? When I feel to go to a bank remittance trouble, alipay, WeChat purse appeared & hellip; … When we think the key problem, the fingerprint lock appeared. Each the emergence of new things, so will be eliminated one of my old things. A lot of people reflect, since with fingerprint lock, like smoking is addictive, how also can not ring off since the fingerprint lock, need not every day with a big bunch of keys to go out, also don't have to worry about the key leakage problems, more don't have to worry about overtime at night can't come back home. I found that I seem to have fallen in love with this can use fingerprint to open the lock. After installed the fingerprint lock, more have the face, because the fingerprint lock more fashionable than mechanical lock fingerprint lock this thing is too good, not only lost the key was the key to carry and the worry, but since it installed, between friends and more face. After installed the fingerprint lock, the thief can't visit my home
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