Door companies: the path to guard the collocation with lock | |

by:Level      2020-07-22
In market competition, the relevant products of the joint venture has become the inevitable trend of enterprise to grab market share. ” Door with lock & quot; The mode of operation is door operators around the kinds of product sales promotion, taken & quot; ZengLi and promotion & quot; The management method. At present, in the case of door industry products operating profits are squeezed, whether door factory, or door industry agents, all hope that by increasing the supporting hardware products, find new profit point. So, what kind of locks for door companies use? The following share the collocation of door and lock. Stability: with high quality products to maintain cooperative relations lock stability is mainly manifested in two aspects of safety and efficiency of supply. In security, first of all, lock should have good anti-theft function, it is also a basic function of locks; Secondly, convenient installation, the installation of the lock does not influence the quality of wooden door. But in practice, some door enterprise operators in order to reduce costs, to obtain more profits, choose some cheap locks accessories products, the result after the installation, after-sales service problems frequently. This kind of cooperation mode affect the quality of wooden door already, also effects the reputation of the brand wooden door. In terms of efficiency of supply, wooden door locks in choosing cooperation enterprise, must consider its ability to supply. If the lock companies supply of waxing, will affect the supply of wooden door. Suitability: choose consistent with style wooden door lock & quot; Differences create market & quot; At present, differential operation has become the door companies competing against market a effective means. A strong personality, wooden door on the collocation of accessory products locks, if you don't consider difference, regardless of the wooden door design itself because of the theme, is likely to make wooden door & quot; Shade & quot; 。 On the other hand, the obvious trait of a wooden door, if you can match style similar lock product, will produce & quot; The icing on the cake & quot; Effect, will be more creative highlight wooden door products, boosting consumers' purchasing desire. Especially in the current, high-end wooden door, or low end of the wooden door, all in the pursuit of artistic quality, hope to seize the consumer's eye from the artistic features, so the wooden door with personalized locks products, can capture more customers. If high quality wooden door enterprises can choose a research and development ability is strong, the artistic features obvious locks enterprise cooperation, cooperation will make both sides realize & quot; Win-win & quot; 。 Novelty: grasp the consumer & quot; The new & quot; The psychological & quot; The new & quot; Is an essential feature of a consumer. Consumers of this feature is not only a kind of consumption habits, and promote the impulsion of product updates. In terms of wood door industry, if the enterprise products & quot; Ten years like one day & quot; , no update or update speed is slow, not only affect the value of the product value, can also lead to the entire industry's back; In terms of hardware fittings, if use wooden door locks product homogeneity serious, not only reduces the door enterprise sales personnel to persuade consumers to purchase & quot; Farmar & quot; And it is difficult to achieve the goal of value-added. The door only do new and special products, can be distinguished from the competitors, also can let customers buy lenovo, increase the purchase desire, reduce the difficulty of the terminal sales promotion.
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