Double door can hold smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-18
Some customers ask, double open the door, Including the lash door) Is it possible to install smart door lock? In fact, as long as it is door between 35 mm to 100 mm thick wooden door, stainless steel door, brass doors, security doors, etc. , can be installed smart door lock. In general, double door all need to install two sets of intelligent door locks, a true lock a false lock, false lock without lock body parts, etc. Look from the decoration and visual effect, so the beauty of balance, symmetry, but also convenient for sliding door. Of course, also want to choose and smart locks the door color matching to match well. Smart door lock brands on the market is numerous, choose which brand? Is a good choice, more than 20 years experience in lock, independent research and development and production of various kinds of locks, quality guarantee, worthy of your trust!
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