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by:Level      2020-07-27
After so many years of development, lock industry can say in a very mature stage, but with the emergence of smart home, intelligent locks become hot style and gradually spread to every household, often occurs or this or that problem. There is no denying the fact that smart door lock advantages on safety, convenience, but also has a lot of consumers complain in the use of a few years later, will appear this or that kind of small trouble. We can find that actually smart locks and our other furniture products is a durable consumer goods, with the increase of time, loss is more serious, so in the process, is essential to the maintenance and maintenance. So smart door lock d keep what matters needing attention? Intelligent lock industry, gives advice we see together. Correct understanding of the maintenance problem of intelligent lock first is the concept of maintainability of intelligent lock. If smart lock good maintainability, rapid repair of means to adopt low cost, intelligent lock will last longer. Second, the intelligent lock manufacturers in the design of intelligent lock, if can choose according to intelligent lock performance standards and requirements of the new material, also can achieve the goal of extending the service life of the intelligent lock, such as lock body shell adopts alloy materials, etc. Smart locks the daily maintenance of installation must ask professional intelligent door locks, unlike ordinary mechanical lock, is made up of electronic parts and mechanical parts, more complicated. So at the time of installation must be looking for the installation of the professional teacher, smart door lock of choose and buy should choose the post-sale service and good quality large smart door lock manufacturers, avoid future smart locks appeared in the process of using other themselves unable to solve the problem. Pay attention to moisture, avoid chemical fingerprint door lock is used long, brush fingerprint acquisition window surface may be damp or stained with dirt, in order to avoid moisture and scratches, with a dry soft cloth to wipe gently; , of course, also can't use alcohol, gasoline, thinner, material or other flammable material cleaning or maintenance door lock, if the lock surface contact with corrosive chemicals, are likely to lock the surface coating and surface coating oxidation, so intelligent lock will not beautiful ~ pay attention to the choose and buy of choose and buy and replace the batteries in the battery on try to choose large capacity of 5 AA alkaline batteries, battery is insufficient to replace the battery in time, in order to ensure the normal use of the door. Occasionally check the panels, prevent leakage phenomenon, if go out for a long time or meet plum rains season also remember to replace the new battery, to prevent the circuit inside the battery liquid corrosion. Some smart door locks, such as, of course, the fingerprint with password authentication module is an independent power supply, even if the fingerprint module power supply is insufficient, the password can still open the lock. Don't give smart door lock & other; Pressure & throughout; Some people used to things on a doorknob, look very convenient actually is a big damage for the door. Handle is a key part of the opening and closing, and its flexibility directly affect the use of fingerprint lock. In addition, smart door lock LCD can't heavy pressure or struck, do not use hard objects collision or tap on a shell; A slide of fingerprint lock outside also be careful not to pull, used correctly. Smart door lock comprehensive check regularly for half a year or once a year overhaul their smart door lock. Such as make sure whether the fastening screw loose, fitting clearance between the lock body and lock the gusset plate and so on, if you find any problems are looking for professionals to solve in time. To prolong the service life of intelligent door locks. The maintenance of intelligent door locks the communicative intention dribs and drabs in our daily life, as long as a man of heart, at ordinary times can line of defense to protect the safety of good family, everyone again why not?
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