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by:Level      2020-07-01
The development of science and technology is to make life more beautiful, the emergence of intelligent fingerprint lock, won numerous consumer recognition and acceptance, and its convenience to many people to solve a variety of caused by mechanical keys & other; Question & throughout; 。 But there are some people have no idea about intelligent fingerprint lock, there are many questions, let's solve. 1. Intelligent fingerprint lock operation difficulty will be very high? This is no. Intelligent fingerprint lock is developed on the premise of 'aim is to ensure safety, bring convenience to consumers, so its not complicated to operate. In operation, basic have voice navigation, display will also include a text navigation, step by step to teach you how to set up, easy to understand. 2. Free to reversing handle, what's the use? About door generally divided into inside and outside the door and open the door, taken together, there are four kinds of direction, but is that when the direction of the customer service to confirm the direction of consumer understanding and the side of the service existence difference, easy to cause the wrong direction. And handle free commutation we can solve this problem very well. 3. Why am I still keep a mechanical key because of the provisions of the state, the factory door locks have to retain mechanical keyhole, the other one is for emergency use, after all is electronic products, if you do not pay attention to replace the battery before no electricity to shut down, also can have a mechanical key to open the lock. But generally the mechanical keyhole will design more concealed, guarantee its safety.
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