Finger molting, still can use smart door lock

by:Level      2020-07-18
Now in April, the regions are gradually warming, usher in change garments according to the season. For a small number of people, change garments according to the finger will appear this situation, appear this kind of circumstance, in the use of smart door lock fingerprint unlock big probability will fail, then what should I do? 1. If it slightly, but more input fingerprint smart door lock is can store hundreds of sets of fingerprints, fingerprint can put the ten fingers are entry, even unable to identify common fingerprint, so also can lock in a finger, to avoid the unexpected. 2. Ready to maintain this for many reasons, if serious you need to go to a doctor. At the same time also want to do in our daily life and maintenance, such as laundry washing gloves; Usually keep fingers moist and warm, avoid unable to identify. 3. Use other ways to open the door the fingerprint unlock just smart door locks, one of the most common ways of the lock, card, such as a variety of ways, can also pass as the password even though a single way can't use can also through other ways to unlock, effectively avoid emergency is unable to open the case.
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