Fingerprint all-encompassing combination lock function, but not the more the better

by:Level      2020-07-10
According to the personage inside course of study says, fingerprint combination lock as a high-tech products, mainly rely on electronic technology and biometrics, these technologies in the environment, the more pure role play, the better. On the other hand, the auxiliary functions, the more the more likely reduce the stability of the main function. Therefore, when selecting the fingerprint combination lock function need not too much. Believe this combination lock for fingerprint trendy thing everyone is interesting to know, some high-grade residential area, now are using fingerprint in combination lock, in and out of the house no longer need to carry a bunch of keys, convenient and easier, but fingerprint combination lock or more types of brand, have the function is different also, that kind of good? So what is the fingerprint combination lock is useful? 1, fingerprints combination lock open ( Necessary function) As fingerprint trick lock, the first, of course, is to have fingerprints on function. It is understood that the fingerprint on the open market now generally use the technique of optical fingerprint acquisition, a small number of using semiconductor acquisition. Semiconductor acquisition technology as vulnerable to electrostatic, sweat, dirt, finger to wear, and so on and so forth, the influence of stability is not enough, and do not wear resistance, short life, such as used in the field of the fingerprint combination lock is also less. Optical sampling owing to multi-angle comprehensive, can achieve good accuracy and clear fingerprint graphics recognition stability, effectively improve the instability of semiconductor acquisition, therefore, widely used in fingerprint combination lock. 2, the password to open, Necessary function) Password and fingerprint lock compared, has the certain superiority. Can carry and fingerprint functions, but the lack of a timely, such as authorize fingerprint is absent, is unable to open the door, and the password lock to make up for the defects, can use open temporary password authorization to open the door. Has hypocrisy in anti-theft security password function, the following anti theft. Now the password length of expansion to the 3 - 16, cracking degree is reduced greatly. 3, open keys ( Necessary function) Many consumers will think that have the key open are fake products. But in fact the opposite is true. Regulations of the state, the fingerprint trick lock must have a key to open the function to the factory, this is mainly because of security concerns. Fingerprint combination lock is, after all, electronic products, electronic products can have on a business trip or no electric power, in order to prevent fire or other disasters to the destruction of the electronic circuit to people at risk, national compulsory fingerprint combination lock must configure open function keys. Didn't have a key to open the function of fingerprint combination lock is not qualified. 4, the information management functions ( Necessary function) This information management functions mainly include: the function of the add/modify/delete user information, user information mainly includes fingerprint information, the use of information, etc. When customers to use one function, other functions are not affected. One of the main use of this function is to ease of fingerprint combination lock, such as when to relatives need to stay at home for a few days, as long as relatives of fingerprint input fingerprint trick lock, the relatives can free combination lock open fingerprint, no relatives to configuration requirements, is very convenient. Relatives left, as long as will print information deleted dozen don't open the door. Please a nanny in the home, the nanny's fingerprints after nanny quit removed, she was not unlock, don't worry about the nanny to steal with the key, and change the locks. Pry alarm function (5, Not necessary, but it's very practical) Pry combination lock alarm function can be said to be the fingerprint resistant to ascend home security in one of the effective function. When the fingerprint combination lock from being destroyed by the violence, will automatically send alarm, remind security community. Better even can automatically send warning information to the host cell phone, or contact the police for automatic alarm, in order to guard against thieves burglary. 6, voice operating hints ( Not necessary, but it's very practical) Voice prompt operation is the voice of each link to prompt action, make the operation simple, let not understand operation can follow prompt step by step to complete the operation, the function of children, older people are very useful. Relatively speaking, these functions, the fingerprint combination lock all capable, and market feedback is quite good, in fact, a good lock, function pattern doesn't have to be many, but must be stable, but also cannot blindly rut, do not know the innovation and catch up. On the stability of the existing technology to develop new areas, is a product of enduring truth.
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