Fingerprint anti-theft door lock price is in commonly about how much money? | |

by:Level      2020-07-11
Normal a fingerprint anti-theft door lock price to about 2000 to 5000, basically see the fingerprint anti-theft door lock material, workmanship and surface treatment etc. There is one of the more important is the fingerprint recognition module, this is the core of the fingerprint anti-theft locks, under normal circumstances, the brand fingerprint lock are using very professional fingerprint module. A fingerprint lock at least with the function of fingerprint to open the door and mechanical key to open the door, mechanical key to open the door is the national law. If additional password, remote control, such as induction card to open the door, the price will naturally high. Commonly used on the market is the fingerprint, password, mechanical three way to open the door. Is generally a good fingerprint anti-theft door lock on the market at present the price of almost four or so if you need to purchase a fingerprint anti-theft locks, went to. , professional manufacturer of fingerprint door lock, lock more than 20 years production experience, trustworthy!
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