Fingerprint anti-theft lock brings us a sense of security and a kind of dependence | |

by:Level      2020-07-11
With the continuous development of society, the safety of the lock more and more get people's attention, security requirements is higher than the physiological needs only a low level of demand, but in the history of the development of human beings, the strength of the safety measures in fact is always related to identity, status. People are constantly trying to use a variety of modern science and technology to strengthen security, the application of the biometric identification technology becomes more and more powerful advantages to show their intelligence, humanization, fingerprint lock will be IC card after induction Carmen lock locks and electronic locks new protagonist. Fingerprint anti-theft lock appear makes our life happiness. In many cases, it is also because the fingerprint lock the advent of our life to become simple. Not for other, but because the fingerprint lock bring us a sense of security and a kind of dependence. No matter go to where we don't have to worry about our home, because have very good protection of fingerprint lock it with the progress of society and improvement of living standards, ordinary people also more and more high to the requirement of security and privacy. National ministry of construction residential industrialization office has proposed: low as intelligent community and family intelligent function demands, is to realize the family home in comprehensive security, disaster prevention, accident prevention is three functions.
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