Fingerprint anti-theft lock for the soft value of real estate development has injected new vitality | |

by:Level      2020-07-11
The real estate market is not a constant temperature environment, for developers, to improve the competitive ability of the intrinsic value and yes a way out. The smart home as a new highlight of fine decoration, has been favored by the developer. According to the China real estate index system monitoring data report, 40 large and medium-sized cities in China now for sale and sale real estate projects, more than 17% of the projects for fine decoration, fine decoration project of guangzhou and Beijing reached 47% and 30% respectively. And from the perspective of the project scale of real estate enterprises, fine decoration project has become a main products. Among them, vanke real estate major projects in more than 80% fine decoration, new apartment project implementation 100% fine decoration, fine decoration housing is becoming the real estate market trend. However, as people for the constant pursuit of high quality life, simple delicate household stacking cannot meet the needs of the consumers, intelligent become concise aesthetic pursuit. Use of science and technology, household decorates the direction of digitization, networking, integration, this process combines the three nets fusion technology, the Internet of things, and the application of 3 g and other technology, reflects the living environment of humanity, life, simple wait for a characteristic, brings users great convenience, hold their pursuit of high quality, high intelligent life psychology, jumped into the real estate industry and the important opportunity of development. Fingerprint anti-theft lock is the outstanding representative of intelligent household fine decoration, design, and its excellent and beautiful outstanding intelligent degree, not only make the decoration companies and designers are looking for a new design elements, the new luminescent spot, is a soft value for real estate development has injected new vitality. Meet the demand of increasingly younger purchasing group intelligence, the optimization of community intelligence, environmental protection, safety management, catering to intelligent trend of fine decoration housing, fingerprint anti-theft lock is new model direction of the real estate industry has great potential. In the future of real estate development, represented by smart locks the smart home will become one of important strength.
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