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by:Level      2020-07-11
If file locks, everyone not unfamiliar, he as a household necessities, appeared in the families. The authority of art in ancient China is very rich, therefore, ancient Chinese locks skill is also very exquisite. However, it is a good lock, is a key. But with the development of science and technology, locks and completed the combination of science and technology, once again, for the life of people brought convenient and safety guarantee. It is understood that the current dominant in the high technology content lock products are fingerprint anti-theft lock. Fingerprint anti-theft lock is a carrier for human fingerprint recognition and means of smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and the crystallization of modern hardware technology. Fingerprint anti-theft lock by electronic identification and control, general mechanical linkage system of two parts. Fingerprint of sex and sex, plus electronic identification and more electronic control system, determine the fingerprint anti-theft lock is for safety lock locks of all kinds, market prospects are broad. “ In recent years, China's lock industry is developing rapidly. This performance not only in the lock on the production and sales of at the same time, the lock of the technological content of products, production technology level, etc has made considerable progress, had appeared on the market a variety of high-tech new products, and the locks and the new locks used in various industries, the market prospects are very broad. “ Strictly speaking, the fingerprint anti-theft lock is no longer regarded as new high-tech products, the emergence of it has been for several years. At present, we also has a lot of enterprises in China can produce this kind of lock. The lock industry of China has been export-oriented, and this kind of fingerprint anti-theft lock very high utilization rate in the European and American countries, has been very popular in export markets. Predictably, after various fingerprint anti-theft lock will become the mainstream of the market. ” “ More advanced locks is based on bluetooth technology, connected to the bluetooth headset, can let a person at any time any place to monitor their own items. There are now even on process control and remote control of intelligent security system of computer network. Can say, with the development of science and technology, locks product update speed is accelerating, the future of these high-tech products represent the lock industry. ” , a spokesman for the organizing committee of the China international hardware show & other; We China international hardware show has been committed to for the general lock manufacturers to provide international new locks technology concept and related market guidance, help our locks enterprises to open up new products, improve the grade of products, strive to make our locks enterprises in the export of products on the market with more share & throughout; 。 In addition, in the hotel industry, etc, all kinds of intelligent control locks also has a very broad market. These locks rely on IC card technology, using a smart card key, have physical password authentication function, high reliability, data storage, updating and modification are more convenient. We usually stay in a hotel room card is actually using the smart smart card key locks. With the rapid development of China's hotel industry, the size of the hotel now basically all have been used for similar intelligent lock system, may say that the smart lock market prospect is very wide also. Therefore, pays special attention to the science and technology and innovation to the tail, lock will be your place on the market. You will witness the development of China's lock market.
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