Fingerprint combination lock battery can casually with?

by:Level      2020-07-10
Besides automatic fingerprint lock, most of the fingerprint combination lock using 5 alkaline batteries, then the battery can casually with? The answer is definitely no. Although fingerprint combination lock brands of dry cell does not require, but require a guarantee on quality. Fingerprint combination lock is also electronic products, good quality battery can use longer, the leakage and not easy to happen. Once appear, leakage is not found in time, is not only a battery pack is damaged, may also be corrosion circuit boards, door lock damage. Although there is no brand, but need when using the same battery, that is to say, of the battery can't be a mixture of different brand battery resistance is different, will affect the normal service life. The same brand nor a mixture of the old and new batteries have a certain influence on the performance.
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