Fingerprint combination lock convenience?

by:Level      2020-06-30
Many people who have been used in fingerprint combination lock, have practical experience with fingerprint combination lock to the life of all kinds of convenience, however, those who haven't use combination lock on fingerprint, for its convenience, just heard, no specific to understand. Let's look at the fingerprint which convenient combination lock can bring to life? 1. Diversified open means, the key is no longer single refers to the mechanical keys, such as fingerprints, password, mobile phone can be used as the key to open the door. Don't go out wearing a mechanical key. 2. Have a nanny or cleaning personnel turn-over, need not trouble replacement lock in the lock, even just to put them into the fingerprint, CARDS and other permissions to delete or modify the password. 3. With friends and family or the customers, can't get home in time to open the door, can be issued a temporary password, let relatives, friends, etc. To open the door to rest in waiting. 4. For house of landlord, use combination lock, fingerprint don't have to save a bunch of keys, replacement tenants don't have to change the lock core, greatly reduce the trouble and cost. In addition to the above list, there are many ways, can experience the convenience of life, use the longer, more like to use, also cannot leave fingerprint combination lock. Are you still no action? Early, early experience.
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