Fingerprint combination lock demand big problems waiting for 'crossing'

by:Level      2020-07-09
Now, intelligent household with its powerful strength, affecting people's consumption and life. Fingerprint combination lock is one of the typical example, its emergence has changed for thousands of years people to bring keys out of habit, its fingerprint lock, intelligent functions such as mobile phone APP is brought to people's life experience. But even the fingerprint combination lock advantages, but still exist some deficiencies, the existing problems in the development of fingerprint combination lock: one is the recognition. Shallow affected by temperature, fingerprint breakage and fingerprint identification needs to be improved. This problem is the main barriers to fingerprint identification products. So all before completely solve this problem, a fingerprint combination lock are marked with password, IC card and keys, etc. The combination of fingerprint identification and IC card identification is a solution to this problem. The high cost of installation. It is understood that a normal fingerprint combination lock in the 1500 - price 4000 yuan between, is suitable for the villa fingerprint combination lock the price will be higher, compared the several access control IC card and card reader, can say a lot of expensive. Three performance of stability, although now the fingerprints of combination lock performance is relatively stable, but still there are other problems can't open the lock, mainly core technology does not pass. Four independent research and development will still be hard. Combination lock fingerprints of domestic enterprise mainly assembly, system integration, independent research and development is still the minority, lack of core technology. This is also a major problem restricting the development of fingerprint combination lock in China, is also a key to reduce costs. On its own fingerprint combination lock to open the domestic market, across technical barriers is a priority.
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