Fingerprint combination lock fake flood consumer choose and buy need to be careful

by:Level      2020-07-10
Morphing is made in China & other; Throughout the &; Brand reporter survey found that these seemingly & other; Throughout the ocean &; Enter the Chinese market & other; Foreign brands & throughout; , many are completely covered with & other; The coat & throughout; Local goods. Because the fingerprint combination lock market relatively short period of time in the civilian market, many consumers do not know, fingerprint combination lock related especially fingerprint combination lock brand real situation. As a result, many native & other; Made in China & throughout; Fingerprint of combination lock companies will use this understanding of consumers is missing, for the product to take a foreign name, and borrow a guise, fiction a brand story, packaging yourself as a country brand, Chinese enterprises, let the consumer believe, think oneself buy products are imported products. Industry insiders said: & other; This kind of brand & lsquo; New York & rsquo; There is only one name, its design, materials, manufacture, agent sales and marketing of a full set of operation are all & lsquo; Made in China & rsquo; 。 And these companies on the product and technology innovation, and even some product quality is very worrying. And like to go with the flow, if the so-called which country's products sell well in period of time, they are all in the name of the country market. ” In addition, the personage inside course of study also revealed that the so-called one country imports brand, its products producing area in China, only some parts technology provided by the other countries, and these spare parts is also by the Chinese manufacturers, is a complete Chinese goods. Blindly following fuel & other; Fake foreign brands & throughout; Ethos according to reporter understanding, due to special conditions and the domestic than many developed countries on the security standards strictly, fingerprint combination lock as an important civil security products, its security is also strict in other countries. In other words, the domestic production of fingerprint combination lock on the security standards of fingerprint combination lock is better than other countries. So why have such a high quality fingerprint trick lock, the domestic and Chinese companies did not dare to admit, with the United States, Germany, France, South Korea and other countries the name of survival? This is mainly originated from consumer. . . . . . consumer psychology. Many people said in the interview with the consumers, instead of spending less money to buy low quality cheap products, they are more willing to pay big money to buy foreign brands. Therefore, if a brand said he is a Chinese brand, the brand in the consumer in the mind has been compromised. The mindset of consumers to the pursuit of high-end brands let enterprise organic available, in order to win the higher profits, they use the name up market prices, let consumers use more than ten times higher price to buy domestic goods, for some customers didn't know, a carelessly will fall into the trap, so consumers must be careful when buying a fingerprint combination lock.
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