Fingerprint combination lock how to choose suits own?

by:Level      2020-07-10
As the guardian of the family, the fingerprint combination lock has been gradually into the many families, but faced with wide variety of fingerprint lock brands on the market, how to choose suits own fingerprint combination lock? Here share some users purchase experience. 1. Confirm whether their locks can be installed. General home big door lock for wooden door or security doors, gate, etc. , the thickness of the door need in more than 40 mm, not, and if it is a glass door, gate, etc can be installed. After confirmation can be installed, need to measure the relevant data to the customer service staff, if they are old change door lock, also need to consider whether the new fingerprint locks can cover up the old lock hole and trace. 2. The functionality of the fingerprint combination lock. On the select functional, not more features, the better the locks. Need to choose according to own actual situation and the applicable people, are living alone or with children, older people in the home, whether you need the remote unlock, remote monitoring, temporary password, and so on. Choose applicable and useful to yourself will be enough. 3. The safety of the fingerprint combination lock. Good brand of fingerprint combination lock security is higher than the traditional mechanical lock, it is not just to use anti lock technical grade C anti-theft lock core, and remote monitoring and alarm mechanism, security improved. 4. Fingerprint combination lock price. The hundreds of pieces of small workshops combination lock manufacturer of fingerprint is not recommended to buy, not only was no guarantee on the quality of the product, after also can not find people, products with a period of time many problems may appear. In terms of price, more than one thousand to more than two thousand between the famous brand of fingerprint lock, is a good choice, word of mouth is good, not only has perfect after-sales service mechanism, quality guaranteed.
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