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by:Level      2020-07-10
About the fingerprint combination lock, in the past year has been mentioned repeatedly. Someone said that the fingerprints combination lock electricity when the Internet under the trend of the only road, and some people say that the fingerprint combination lock electricity is not suitable for fingerprint combination lock enterprise, fingerprint combination lock, after all, is different from clothing, although there is a enterprise success in double tenth one, but does not represent the fingerprint combination lock electricity is suitable for all enterprises. In early a few years ago, electricity has quietly come, across the life of people, including 80, 90, after is the pioneer in this array boom. Now after the 80, 90, has gradually become the main force of household consumption, household enterprise also unceasingly in the potentialities and innovation, to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Everywhere is full of & other; Internet + & throughout; Word of the market, relying on traditional business model, entity shop, human household industry constantly being challenged. Specific to the Internet that fingerprint combination lock industry thinking how to implement? Under the background of Internet + hot, let a person have to think about fingerprint combination lock industry mode of the Internet how to go! As electricity branching out on eating, fingerprint combination lock enterprise crisis is growing. Prescient minority firms began to actively & other; Net & throughout; To attend training, on a business trip to visit a variety of ways, such as learning & other; Internet + & throughout; Era enterprises how to transform. Combination lock enterprise, but most of the fingerprint because of their limitations can't to control disorder of sales channels, although have brand but can't really master online channels, even do electricity net, also become a network retail; Small and medium-sized enterprises to electric business platform, multiple market channels scale at first, but planning is not enough, still stay in selling goods stage, only equates the electronic commerce network marketing channels and sales support. Industry insiders said: & other; Under the new historical period, the traditional household building materials enterprises only comply with the trend, create an Internet + manufacturing supply chain, can stand on the trend of The Times, on those routes. ” Internet users thinking is thinking, and truly reflect in detail the concept of service for users, especially the product detail. This is the lifeblood of the Internet core, all reflect to the fingerprint combination lock marketing methods, are embodied & other Product + communication forces throughout the &; 。 In this new consumption trend, many enterprises also began the exploration of electric business such as sales model. In addition to the Internet, along with the market adjustment, last year also emerge a batch of fingerprints of the fashion combination lock enterprise, double tenth a sales message. After a successful experience, fingerprint combination lock enterprise electricity development may be feasible.
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