Fingerprint combination lock is a high-grade residential area standard products, are you still looking for the key?

by:Level      2020-07-09
In today's science and technology in power, also in the use of heavy the old mechanical lock, have apparently does not conform to the requirements of The Times. And traditional property management and security companies, can only play a role based security checks. To make the residents to realize safe, convenient, intelligent residential life, requires the developers to provide residents with more intelligent technology products. As a new generation of intelligent security systems & other; Fingerprint combination lock & throughout; Meet the demand of the users of all security. Because the fingerprint combination lock has advantage of convenient management and safe protection function, long ago in hotels, enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, high-end apartments and other commercial areas occupied the market security system. To the user, although they are in the business world has access to this kind of security system, but most users considering the price reason not to apply this technology to his own home. And high-end residential developers is took a fancy to this one blank market, as make standard room to the high-end fingerprint combination lock directly to the residents, not only strengthen the housing security level, more promoted the entire district & other The high-end intelligent & throughout; 。 Fingerprint combination lock is the use of the human body is used to identify the identity security biometric fingerprint, has the characteristics of irreplaceable, could not be copied, and sex, the use of high-tech, biometric and DSP algorithms of digital image processing technology, is accord with the requirement of security, a new generation of entrance guard system. Fingerprint combination lock products must through the national certification standard GA, a small amount of high-end fingerprint combination lock products will also apply for the high quality level of ANSI certification, ANSI certification as other stringent international quality certification, is the assurance of product quality and symbols. Now the domestic high-end fingerprint combination lock products have & other; Password, fingerprint, induction card, mechanical lock & throughout; Four open function, each fingerprint combination lock can accommodate 100 password and fingerprint data within the group, can satisfy the user requirements of different habits, different age. So far, more than 2500 domestic units use fingerprint combination lock, intelligent security in the domestic real estate gradually formed a kind of trend, fingerprint combination lock is widely used in high-end real estate market. Fingerprint combination lock in some European countries, very popular, not only office government agencies use fingerprint trick lock, the ordinary people of the family also has a lot of fingerprint combination lock. Fingerprint combination lock is preferred by many home users, in addition to the fingerprint besides the advanced technology of the combination lock itself, more important is that he changed the way users of family life. Using fingerprint trick lock, the security and intelligent entrance guard system become more safe, convenient, which greatly improved the resident of entrance guard system safety, and to give the residents more enjoyable intelligent life experience. Facing the high-end users demand for intelligent life and love, more high-end residential area began to hand in the building standards add & other; Intelligent security systems & throughout; To improve user acceptance of the project and residential turnover. The rise of the age of one would replace another era, innovation will win in the near future a result, will decide the future direction of the development of the market. It can change our way of life, and make China's economy towards higher more roads.
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