Fingerprint combination lock is better than traditional mechanical lock anti-theft performance

by:Level      2020-07-11
Fingerprint combination lock is better than the traditional mechanical lock anti-theft performance thieves use the technique of technical unlock seconds can fix A grade A lock, cat's eye outside A convenient host observation, this might be A burglar holes & hellip; … Danger, how can we prevent? Technology is the lock criminals use residents safety defects existing in the door lock in the home, the use of special tools to open locks burglary, has the lock & other; Efficiency & throughout; Tall, lock body damage is small, strong characteristic of concealment of the crime, is now one of the main means of burglary crime. Municipal public security bureau police detachment of the civilian police, from the perspective of the current law of both technical unlock cases of burglary cases accounted for about 30% of the total quite. Policeman, the thief can through technical unlock many for grade A lock ( Single night lock, lock, the single bit cross lock) The ordinary people, but more than 90% of the locks are all this kind of lock, the lock open ability is poorer, generally only 30 seconds to five minutes to open, a high security hidden danger. Criminals can in an hour or two on the inhabitants of the whole building homes one by one, a burglary harmfulness is great. Nowadays there are many family locks are using the electronic combination lock and fingerprint lock. “ My house was stolen before, now I replaced the fingerprint lock, the thief can't throughout the &; Ms zhang, live in the lakeside area strongly recommend fingerprint lock to the neighbors. City public security bureau police detachment of the civilian police to remind, electronic lock, fingerprint lock relative to the other locks indeed higher safety performance. But the installation of the lock security door is equipped with an emergency lock, the emergency lock is often A grade lock, greatly reduce the safety factor of the whole security doors. Through the cat's eye unlock? Lock is a way & other; Others through the cat's eye open the lock, it is no wonder that the locksmith didn't suggested that I put the cat's eye. ” People, Mr Ma, he heard the family security doors on the cat's eye has become a burglar, thieves use cat's eye view of interior decoration and peeping personnel information and rotating insert tools can open the door of the cat's eye. Reporters yesterday, Mr Ma is prove to the police, the police said that occur through the cat's eye before insert tool to open the security door case, but this type case is less, because this kind of tool is bigger, not hidden, and open the door for a long time, so the criminal activities by this method is less, the tin city was more theft by tinfoil unlock it. Police remind, security doors should be locked when go out, don't forget to come in safety switch, this & other; The cat's eye unlock method & throughout; Was there. Unlock the company signed a pledge, how to prevent price lock unlock specification change? Police remind, go out should remember to lock the door, even in the home to be anchored in the home insurance on the bolt, so can increase the difficulty of the technology to unlock, so as to achieve the effect of guard against theft. In addition, the home of the lock is grade A family should be replaced the lock for security levels higher lock. Yesterday, the police took out four respectively introduces the lock core, the reporter sees one lock the keys of the irregular grooves are similar to high-end car keys. “ This is currently the safety performance of super & lsquo; B” Level locking Ye Piansuo. ” Police said the super class B Ye Piansuo lock is also called the C level. Ye Piansuo structure of precision, the ability to open technology, security level is higher, can prevent most technical unlock method. It is understood that in the presence of wild speculations in lock market, police and part of the public security for the record the unlock company signed a service commitment, change the lock on the market price for the specification, each the lock does not exceed 198 yuan. If citizens have in lock needs, can call 110 to find regular combination lock unlock company in fingerprint.
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