Fingerprint combination lock maintenance experience

by:Level      2020-07-10
Many people have started using fingerprint trick lock, the experience of convenient and comfortable life. But some people find, fingerprint combination lock things every now and then to a few small problems, how to do? In fact this is small problems also has relations with the daily maintenance. Here we introduce about fingerprint combination lock maintenance experience. 1. Daily habits on fingerprint combination lock handle is not hanging items, even the lighter items, time also can become habit forming. Don't slam the door at the same time, if there are any windy weather, also want to protect the door lock, closed or fixed in time. Prevent due to strong wind and make the door closed vigorously, reduce the service life of the door. 2. Regular service first, regularly check whether the screw is loose, check whether the battery leakage, and so on and so forth. Then, when to clean fingerprints combination lock, attention should be paid to stay away from the water, corrosive substances, etc to wipe, can only use dry soft cloth to wipe gently; Lock screw turn not smooth nor used lubricating oil, can use graphite powder or pencil, etc. 3. Safety input fingerprint, can enter a few fingers more fingerprints, prevent special things happen, use the password to open, can change the password on a regular basis, prevent criminals see traces. Spare mechanical keys, it is necessary to place outside the home, such as the car, such as parents' home a safe place, for a rainy day.
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