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by:Level      2020-07-10
The present society is a thriving high-tech society, in all areas of our lives are inseparable from the high-tech, from the door at the moment of every day, the power of science and technology have powerful interpretation. The application of intelligent lock, let family gating system more intelligent science and technology, and is no longer just rely on this way of single key to open it. At present, the more secure smart locks on the market has the function of the fingerprint identification to open. Perhaps, average household is still in use the old mechanical lock, and almost no concept for popular smart locks in recent years. So, today for everyone present a present the home installs the market hot intelligent fingerprint locks & ndash; ZF - fingerprint lock 16S。 The influence of the costume market in recent years, intelligent locks aimed not some long-term development, at present, the new home decoration has been commonly used in intelligent locks, instead of using the traditional old mechanical lock. For intelligent lock, fingerprint lock ZF - 16 s can be said to be the intelligent fingerprint lock boutique, was used by many consumers. ZF - fingerprint lock 16 s, classic appearance fashion, elegant and generous, the whole design style and modern science and technology. It is understood that the design, the international top designers design, integrated international excellent industrial gene, inherits the BMW rigorous and precise, the essence of fashion, safe and reliable, with the advanced industrial design concept, the fingerprint lock combination of industrial design and artistic aesthetic feeling. Despite the unique modelling, fingerprint combination lock ZF - 16 s fast fingerprint to open and fingerprint learning function is a key factor in its standing in the market. Fingerprint to open fast fingerprint identification system and become the oneself of function is to the advantage of this product technology. ZF - fingerprint lock Living creatures (used by 16 s Fingerprint) Recognition algorithm, in the international leading fingerprint algorithm. Therefore, the fingerprint lock ZF - 16 s, which has the function of intelligent open by security and intelligence. In addition, in the home market,
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