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by:Level      2020-07-10
As theft & other; Technology & throughout; Unceasing enhancement, the traditional security doors now has to guard against theft, after studying the traditional lock have enough before the theft of expert, these seemingly heavy security doors is useless. Due to the current traditional night lock core has been popular in the market for a decade or two years, even if is a very complex internal structure, have the thieves tireless & other; Studies assiduously & throughout; To break. Security doors as into the family line of defense, the security hidden danger has extremely obvious, professional took the thief can even in seconds using simple tools to open the door of crime. Family security has become a pressing security issues. With the constant improvement of the level of science and technology, intelligent household begins to exert a subtle influence on changing people's habits and customs, and intelligent lock, fingerprint lock, in particular, but also with its irreplaceable, difficult to replicate features gradually accepted by more and more families. It is understood that use human biometric fingerprint authentication security identification to open the door, with high-tech, biometric and DSP algorithms of digital image processing technology, become a new generation to meet the requirements of modern security access system. Has been widely used in government agencies, Banks, such as apartment need security and privacy. “ Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, fingerprint lock is safer and more convenient. It can also integrate the false passwords, anti-theft alarm, intelligent household, and other functions, to multiple security protection. Thieves, for example, in the use of false fingerprints can't open the door, want to break into the house, the fingerprint lock can automatically start alarm function, notify the owner or security community. In addition, some other fingerprint lock can also and smart home networking, when the thief climb from the window style will touch with fingerprint lock networking smart home devices, triggering the alarm. ” But as the primary stage, is still in the development of fingerprint lock cost is still relatively expensive, but with the continuous development of technology, believes that a period of time in the future, fingerprint lock manufacturing cost will be decreased, then into the ordinary people will become more common, believe that with the popularity of fingerprint lock, the traditional security doors will be a thing of the past.
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