Fingerprint combination lock safety performance is high and low, how to distinguish? | |

by:Level      2020-07-11
Door lock is the key point of family safety, but it is also home security vulnerabilities. Most of the owners do not understand the level of security door lock, also cannot make change when the decision of the lock; Unable to control the family anytime and anywhere, even if the door lock suffered damage, and only returned home. If the key lost, also can only in the lock, cause damage. The deficiency of traditional locks, security is facing many owner pain points. Good safety lock, at least should have several functions, first of all, you as the owner, through the function set in advance, even miles away, once someone picking, mobile phone can also receive a warning. Second, don't take the key, a finger can easily pick the lock. Third, the security firm, can resist the destructive clink. The safety performance of the fingerprint lock, the lock surprise breakthrough, compatible with smart home, carrying a number of mature black science and technology, make the safety of the lock took a subversive step. Fingerprint lock head adopts imported fingerprint, realize the living fingerprint identification technology, also is to use fingerprint lock is invalid, so as to avoid fingerprints after being copied, burglary, this also means that the fingerprint replication technology from now on. After the owners don't have to worry about the fingerprint is copy, fingerprint lock security issues. More surprisingly, fingerprint lock into the smart home system, through the mobile phone can be unlocked remotely, when you meet the illegal fingerprint cell phone can still receive reminders. Integrated into the intelligent household system of fingerprint lock, but can also effectively with household electrical appliances, monitoring implementation effective linkage, home of the situation through the mobile phone can be seen clearly. Even years, still can take home, safety performance is infinite upgrade! Of course, in the mechanical aspects of security, smart door locks, has reached the national high security standards. In addition, adopted the pry alarm, the password input peeping prevention function, and improving safety coefficient by multiple levels. Is a personal, fingerprints, password input error occurred five times, will ban the operation for 3 minutes, the cloud time remind owner sending mobile phone information. If there are outsiders, door pry proof alarm system will immediately start, sounded the alarm. Security is a big attraction of fingerprint lock, in terms of convenience, intelligence, human nature also has the new breakthrough, just open the door way, set up the fingerprint, password, mobile phone App and credit card, etc, and family back home, mobile phone will receive information to remind then, fingerprint lock is reshaping the family security, change in this age. To solve family safe spot, to product excellence, the pursuit of quality, to the improvement of the service, always trying to create good products attentively, serving the public.
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