Fingerprint combination lock small white notes

by:Level      2020-07-09
Now fingerprint combination lock on the market has a variety of brands, but there are still many fingerprint combination lock is don't know much about the small white, easy to fool, buy inferior product, let's see what pay attention to the places. 1. The lock core. This is very important, now the fingerprints of combination lock is class C lock core, its security level is higher, can effectively prevent technical opening. But some people will use grade A, grade B lock to replace C level, so it will be from the lock key piece of analysis is C level. 2. Fingerprint identification. Semiconductor identification is more widely used at present, technology is quite mature, also can effectively prevent false fingerprints, etc. But there is also a part of the optical recognition, belongs to the older products. Some merchants for the fingerprint combination lock small white sell lock, can't distinguish optical and semiconductor, shoddy. 3. Many beautiful appearance, function. The more good-looking appearance, function does not represent the fingerprint trick lock, the better, the flowery appearance and the fingerprint of the multi-function combination lock may only be merchants stunt to attract customers, the quality and stability is not up to standard.
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