Fingerprint combination lock these strengths and weaknesses, you know?

by:Level      2020-07-10
A very good locks, fingerprint combination lock has very good security effect, the use of it in order to we can have a better effect, small make up is to introduce the characteristics and shortcomings, the fingerprint combination lock some products to help everyone can buy better use fingerprint trick lock, the good effect. Fingerprint combination lock advantages: 1, high security. Fingerprint combination lock is through the electronic components and mechanical parts of precision combination and produce security products. Fingerprint combination lock essence is safe, convenient and fashionable three aspects. Rejected boomed and recognize the false rate is undoubtedly one of the important indicators, can also be called a false reject rate and the rate of course, there are several kinds of expression way. 2, guard against theft. According to the division anti-theft performance, the fingerprints of the popular combination lock divided into two categories, general fingerprint combination lock and combination lock anti-theft fingerprint. Ordinary fingerprint trick lock, the difference with the original electronic lock is not much, mainly is to switch to the fingerprint authentication, but not for existing domestic security doors, this kind of fingerprint combination lock without hook pieces of heaven and earth, cannot use security door security system (heaven and earth Some import fingerprint combination lock on the market do not conform to the national industry standard, can only be used for wooden door) 。 Existing fingerprint combination lock mostly use B class lock, some even using class C lock core, anti-theft function is better. 3, very durable. In theory, more than one function is more than one program, so the possibility of damage to the product is bigger also. But it is in the same comparison between technical strength of the manufacturers, if technical strength high, so their products can be done more than the technical strength of the product function and good quality. The advantages and disadvantages coexist 1, pry alarm function. Encounter abnormal opening and violent destruction, outside slightly off or lock the door, immediately issued a strong warning to attract the attention of people, like a car alarm. Advantages: strong alarm, can attract the attention of people around, to prevent thieves of wrongdoing. For user centered environment more complex, this feature is useful. Faults: alarm system temporarily unable to connect community or police station security system, automatic alarm. The higher requirements for confidentiality units to improve this function. In addition, not every type of lock has this function, need to customize. 2, the independent information management. Manages all user information, are free to add/modify/delete user information. Advantages: the user is the user permission management is very useful, the user can free authorization, or stop some people's are allowed. This feature for home users have a nanny or tenants practical. When nanny or tenants move out, can instantly remove their fingerprints, so they have no right to use dozen don't open the door. Conversely, if there are new nanny and tenants, can input their fingerprints at any time, let them free to open the door. Disadvantages: entry and fingerprint need to delete multiple steps, program more troublesome, convenience is not enough. But multifarious also for safety operation, temporarily can also accept, if you can improve safety coefficient and simplify the operating procedure, it couldn't be better.
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