Fingerprint combination lock to buy treasure dian

by:Level      2020-07-10
At present, there are many combination of fingerprint is not know what the customer wants to buy, but don't know what to choose. Let us have a simple understanding of the below. First of all, the more important thing is the lock core, there are three levels of the lock core is grade A, B, C, C grade level of security is higher. Fingerprint combination lock standard now is class C lock core, this carefully, there may be some small factories, in order to profit, use grade A or grade B lock, safety performance is reduced greatly. The second is the recognition. Now there are optical fingerprint and semiconductor fingerprint. Fingerprint identification is currently more mature technology, optical recognition, low cost, but vulnerable to environmental impact; Semiconductor fingerprint identification, is living fingerprint identification, apply to the people of most ages, can determine the depth of the fingerprint, growth, and degree of dry, safety performance is high. The third point: adaptability. Now the door type is more, the market can adapter and a variety of combination lock door of fingerprint, are more convenient in installation and use. Then there is the lock mode. Basic standard fingerprint, password, four CARDS and keys. Additional for the remote control, bluetooth, APP, WeChat program, many ways, but not the more the better, generally speaking the lock mode is suitable for themselves and their families, for the stability and safety lock, there is a certain security.
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