Fingerprint combination lock to help you protect home security

by:Level      2020-07-09
For the Chinese, buy house is equivalent to a home, tend to be good to decorate, purchase all kinds of furniture electrical appliances, but a lot of people will forget a place, that is the door. Property of the original door lock, to a certain extent, the security level is low, usually in after decorating, all need to change the new door lock, guarantee its safety. Fingerprint combination lock is your choice. Someone will ask, developers with the door lock can't use? Can use must be actually, but less on safety, generally for grade A or grade B lock, prevent the thief's stealing. So after decorate, change a fingerprint combination lock can better protect home security. Fingerprint combination compared with the traditional mechanical locks, USES a class C lock core, at the same time have a more flexible way of opening, fingerprints, password, CARDS, mobile phones can be used as the key to open the door. On anti-theft performance, and trial and error alarm, pry alarm, did not close the door alarm, etc. , the security guard to the family. Home is a warm harbor, and caring. Fingerprint combination lock help you protect home security, better life!
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