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by:Level      2020-07-10
At present, the fingerprint combination lock began very speed development and popularization, the domestic many residential area have chosen fingerprint lock, the reason is very simple, fingerprint door will replace the key to open the door. Now the fingerprint anti-theft lock, the iris recognition and voice control system and a series of high-tech means to have slowly began to be used. This is the development direction of large, if you choose to do fingerprint combination lock, you will need to set up their own installation and after-sales service team. Combination lock is different from traditional fingerprint locks, it's a bit similar to household appliances, the user's perception of it is need a process, the intermediate service will exist. The choice of company scale in fact it's all about service ability. According to your good financial strength to choose the appropriate company size, the larger service capability should be stronger; Generally can be divided into regional agents, distributors, agents, general agent, etc. Fingerprint lock price, of course, is also an important measure. Manufacturing process of fingerprint lock, whether internal or appearance, has a performance of fingerprint lock, our life will become very different.
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