Fingerprint combination lock with a phantom password to pick

by:Level      2020-07-09
For fingerprint combination lock, many people don't understand what the phantom password, what is the role. Password to unlock is most fingerprint combination lock is a way to unlock, fingerprint lock manufacturer to tell you, why to choose with a password. Phantom password, in simple terms, is in the correct password random add Numbers, before and after the correct password to hide in them, to achieve the prevention and treatment of others by fingerprint imprint trace view password to crack or control others see the input password, cause leakage. Different but it is not all lost, so I need to change the password on a regular basis, guarantee its safety. New fingerprint combination lock M5F, at the same time of have a phantom password, use the whole surface time screen, a integrated technology on IML technology, using the lotus effect, can effectively prevent the fingerprint residue, better protect the security of the password.
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