Fingerprint combination lock with battery?

by:Level      2020-07-10
With the popularity of fingerprint combination lock, many ordinary families are using fingerprint combination lock, but there is a problem, make them more puzzled is whether to use the fingerprint special battery combination lock. Many battery manufacturers also follow the heat of the fingerprint combination lock, fingerprint combination lock is special battery. Also xuancheng have & other; Prevent leakage & throughout; 、“ Quality assurance factory & throughout; Wait for a characteristic, moved many fingerprint combination lock users, let them feel better with dedicated to equipment, also be at ease. Actually, choose the high quality of fingerprint combination lock the battery as long as the real thing, alkaline batteries, and after a low battery remind, in a timely manner to replace new battery. If you encounter rainy weather or business trip for a long time, we have to replace the battery in advance. Normally there would be no leakage.
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