Fingerprint combination lock! You don't know the benefits of!

by:Level      2020-08-05
The benefits of fingerprint combination lock a, don't have to take the key; Second, don't have to worry about keys, bad; Third, children need not around his neck keys; Fourth, the family need not each one key; Five, don't worry about out rubbish wind blew the door shut; Six, no longer need to lover/parents up in the middle of the night for you to open the door; Seven, guests can increase the fingerprint, also can be deleted at any time; Eight, don't have to worry about a friend to borrow the key into your home office; Nine, nanny after leaving office/rental housing rent need not change lock, eliminate fingerprint line; Ten, fingerprint lock, fingerprint acquisition for living fingerprint readers, 'fingerprint' invalid ( The finger or make artificially in fingerprint is invalid) Eleven, hotel card lock, such as easy to be copied, preparation, Fingerprint could not be copied, customer return a house can eliminate, and customers more rest assured, no longer fear and into the private detective) Twelve, combination lock password to open the door, but the password may be forgotten, safety is general, can match in the key place such as IC card lock configuration. 13, which people don't take the key in today's society, not take the key consequences you should be very clear, but remember: don't own the window over the wall, life is the most important, sometimes a lock can also change your destiny; Fingerprint lock advantages of fingerprint identification: 1, the fingerprint is the unique features of the human body, and the complexity of the them is enough to provide enough features used to identify; 2, if you want to increase the reliability, just registered more fingerprints, identify more fingers, up to as many as ten, and each one fingerprints are unique. 3, fingerprint lock scan fingerprint is very fast, it is very convenient to use; 4, read fingerprints, users must fingers and fingerprint acquisition touch each other, and fingerprint acquisition head directly; 5 and contact is reading the biological characteristics of human body is the most reliable method; 6, the fingerprint acquisition head can more miniaturization, and the price will be more low; Fingerprint lock advantages: 1, the fingerprint lock security, common mechanical lock keys can be copied, others owners do not trust, after using fingerprint has uniqueness, no two identical fingerprints all over the world. 2, fingerprint lock convenience, don't have to carry the key, and it is never lost keys, a person's fingerprint lifelong, an input fingerprint and can be used for life. And a person can enter different finger fingerprint. Touch that is open, the lock. 3, fingerprint lock extensibility, can accommodate 120 fingerprints, and are free to register the input fingerprint and delete fingerprints, the management of the fingerprint is very convenient, compared with the ordinary mechanical lock keys and recover the key troubles, especially suitable for the office occupancy and rental housing. 4, fingerprint lock free of maintenance for a long time, the service life of the ordinary mechanical lock time is short, and prone to failure in use process, had to break into the house, and the fingerprint lock basically no malfunction 5, fingerprint lock high recognition rate, boomed from less than 1, recognize false rate is less than one over one million, 360 ° at any Angle within can correct than fingerprints. 6, fingerprint lock fashion, fingerprint technology is the developing direction of the locks, use fingerprint lock represents the fashionable, noble and sophisticated. Appearance design fashionable and generous. 、
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