Fingerprint door lock input fingerprint should pay attention to details

by:Level      2020-07-11
When using the fingerprint door lock, input fingerprint, we need to pay attention to some details: 1. Before entry, fingerprints are need to keep clean and tidy, no stains or damaged, etc. ; 2. Acquisition, finger should be moderate, hard input fingerprint area of all; 3. Multiple finger fingerprint information of the input, to play; 4. After normal use, should be regularly to clean up of acquisition in quantico, use dry soft cloth to wipe. 5. When the day is cold in the winter, the skin is relatively dry, easy to have the validation fails, can breathe, keep the temperature and humidity of finger, fingerprint identification. 6. In case of peeling, injury and other conditions, available using alternate finger fingerprint to open the lock, or by other way to open the lock.
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