Fingerprint door lock unique features such as safe, fashion, gradually arisen in lock hardware | |

by:Level      2020-07-11
With the increased awareness of security and the continuous improvement of living standards and requirements, the door lock is the new function, new demands are arises at the historic moment. Security door with entered innumberable families, and door lock of guard against theft is thousand gesture. From early mechanical lock, to modern electronic locks and smart locks, to the powerful momentum of development in recent years to fingerprint identification as a representative of the new intelligent the fingerprint lock anti-theft lock, the development of science and technology and industrialization of permeability also triggered the lock of the revolution, from the aspects of safety, convenience, and management brings users a high quality of life, work, and the wonderful experience and enjoy entertainment and so on. Fingerprint door lock has broken the traditional mechanical lock function of the single door, is a set of optical, mechanical, electronic and the core algorithm of fingerprint technology as one of the high-tech products. Now fingerprint lock anti-theft lock has many functions, such as open record function, remote control, intelligent alarm, fingerprint to open the door, and a password to open the door, multiplayer mode, management level, and so on. These are closely connected with electronic information technology in the IT industry. Fingerprint identification technology, based on the fingerprint door lock carrier is applied to the reflection of real life. Because of its convenient, safe, fashion and other unique characteristics, gradually emerging in the lock hardware. Currently most fingerprint lock manufacturers are gathered in the engineering project, the popularity of the civilian market has just started, believe that it is as large as traditional mechanical lock the retail market space. All rights reserved:
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