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by:Level      2020-07-09
Intelligence door lock system structure mainly includes: fingerprint identification module, microcontroller, reading and writing module, power management and electric control lock, and door lock function for infrared sensor circuit and LCD LCD display, etc. , which core part is the fingerprint recognition module and microcontroller. Due to characteristics of the human body has not replication, the safety factor of biological recognition technology is in the traditional sense of the authentication mechanisms have greatly improved, more and more get the attention of the society. Along with the rapid improvement in technical level and the rapid decrease of cost of fingerprint lock, intelligent lock products will occupy high school low-end market at the same time, the domestic market within five years the fingerprint lock will replace the IC card lock and induction door lock, electronic lock is taken, the largest share and into the car lock market. Mature China fingerprint identification technology development, research and development of fingerprint identification products include fingerprint technology to every field of application. Intelligent fingerprint lock lock series, is the combination of the fingerprint identification technology and the traditional ZhiSuoYe, and fingerprint lock is a high-tech product, it is different from any other types of lock, it is a set of optical, mechanical and electrical, regarded as one of the products, it is not only reflected in the design process, also reflected in the manufacturing, sales, service, etc. Automatic identification system volume shrinking, as well as the function of the microprocessor and speed unceasing enhancement, the complex control algorithm of fingerprint door lock has been can be solidified into a very small volume of the embedded microcontroller processor module, the module and the fingerprint sensor, the door lock control mechanism of system is called embedded fingerprint door lock system. Fingerprint lock and fingerprint access is the most widely used biometric technology. With the wide application of computer technology and rapidly maturing of the fingerprint identification technology, inexpensive fingerprint identification products are widely used in commercial market gradually into the family at the same time, the fingerprint lock application field is very wide, have a safe, laboratory, identification of corridor, etc. Fingerprint lock has the characteristics of convenient, quick, safe, has uniqueness, reliability, and has been widely used in the field of security, a period of time in the future will be a high growth industry. From the development trend, on the basis of existing equipment, high technology content of composite lock, is an important method of traditional locks manufacturers improve product profit. By fingerprint lock, not only safer, also take the key of trouble, also need not worry about lost keys, as consumers the ascension of the cognition of fingerprint lock, market recognition of fingerprint lock, and the establishment of sales network, the popularity of fingerprint lock technology, a good supplier of fingerprint module should be independent to master all the core technology, in the light, machine, electric, calculate various aspects have very strong research and development strength, not only can at any time according to market demand to develop different kinds of products, but also have the ability of sustainable development, can always keep up with the development direction of the industry, always stand in the forefront of technology. Abroad at present, although there are some strong r&d strength, but look from the core technology, fingerprint recognition technology in our country is in the international leading level, under the condition of technical strength, domestic manufacturers, of course, is the first choice. Because no matter from the technical support of convenience, the diversity of language communication, product development and so on various aspects of the services provided by the foreign manufacturer cannot be compared with the domestic manufacturer. And national policy is to completely localization of product.
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