Fingerprint lock as an important part of smart home, especially in security performance also | |

by:Level      2020-07-06
The concept of smart home has a long history, some by intelligent lock as the dominant product has come out. The slow development and the existing problems in fact & other; Residential intelligent & throughout; Are inseparable. Intelligent residence is the premise of smart home, intelligent household is the core of intelligent residential. Smart home system usually includes Internet access system, anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system, TV talk back entrance guard system, and so on basic subsystems, through this kind of smart home system to capture fingerprint lock market the company is not a few, such as the camera by fingerprint lock function to convey information to the host cell phones, master by mobile phone control fingerprint lock open the door for visitors; Has not yet passed to lock the door system, open the TV and air conditioning in the home; Record every time to open the door, can let host know home anytime and anywhere, does the baby arrived back home safe and sound, and so on. But the reality is not the case, initiated by a single manufacturer of smart home system, lack of unified access and technical standard, this system is very difficult to do real comprehensive; The lack of a strong supply chain integration, for each subsystem of intelligent household consumer no more choices; And make smart lock enterprise development among them are not good at field of APP, software, user experience not guaranteed. Of the intelligent system in fingerprint lock failed to get the real industry development. As the important way in smart home, fingerprint lock, will & other; Take the lift & throughout; In the smart home on the docking platform to achieve a good development. Fingerprint lock as an important part of smart home, especially on security performance and performance. The emergence of the fingerprint lock makes our life happiness. In many cases, it is also because the fingerprint lock the advent of our life to become simple. Not for other, but because the fingerprint lock bring us a sense of security and a kind of dependence.
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