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by:Level      2020-07-07
2017 is the fingerprint lock industry outbreak of a year. In this year, the market suddenly sprung up quite a lot of fingerprint lock brand. At present, haier, rongsheng, skyworth, TCL, midea, philips and other traditional home appliance enterprises, dahua, hikvision security companies, such as fruit, YunDing, cloud pomelo by Internet thinking do lock enterprise, such as 360, ali little wisdom, such as Internet companies, combined with the traditional intelligent lock and lock hardware enterprises, have many small factories fish in troubled waters more, formed the would-be, various points in the warring states period. So the fingerprint lock brands which good? Small make up reference factors listed for your reference: 1. Many large companies to see after the fingerprint lock market scale, entered the fingerprint lock after the market, so how are these large enterprises of fingerprint lock is their production or processing, you need to find out more about the other products on the Internet, if you have similar or the same is the generation of processing. 2. By Internet enterprises of this type of thinking to do lock fingerprint lock product stand out on intelligent function, but their weakness is the stability of the lock. 3. The traditional hardware companies turned fingerprint lock, their strengths and weaknesses is just the opposite with Internet thinking do lock enterprise. 4. Understand the strength of the company, including the registered capital of the company, field size, number of employees, etc. 5. Understand the company on the market of propaganda. Fingerprint lock brands which good, basic top can be selected in the above a few o 'clock.
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