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by:Level      2020-07-09
Fingerprint lock, as the era of intelligent security products, and will gradually replace the traditional mechanical lock, and become a symbol of modern life. At present, in South Korea, the fingerprint lock family rate above 80%, but has not been popular, in the domestic several big main reason is difficult to achieve; , domestic fingerprint lock industry has not fully mature, consumer's perception of the fingerprint lock is not comprehensive, not familiar with the product, will think the fingerprint lock operation is complicated, difficult to skilled operation, there are also some consumers skeptical on the safety of fingerprint lock. , the consumer that fingerprint lock of the price will be more expensive, most & other; Off & throughout; 。 Third, most of the domestic fingerprint lock enterprise means relative to the traditional, single channel, confined to the traditional building materials supermarket, consumers are hard to fast and convenient access to the fingerprint lock. Third, fingerprint lock safety factor is not enough, though the fingerprint lock or intelligent lock unlock a special, but the door lock peripherals spare empty mechanical lock is a safe hidden trouble, in the face of intelligent gentleman cannot prevent thieves awkward interface, the industry of science and technology and security updates, but couldn't keep up with the needs of actual users. Intelligent lock stunt, function of science and technology, but the real practical or see a lock hierarchy and anti-theft function, smart like fingerprint lock, lock must spare mechanical lock with peripherals, fancy function more also won't change the core issue of the lack of security. Residents need to increase the door safety consciousness, fingerprint lock manufacturers to improve door lock technology innovation, so as to make our personal safety and property safety guaranteed. Some brand fingerprint locks have been bragging about their brand and fingerprint technology superb, door lock version of the diversification, without really considering the potential importance of locks for a family. Whether consumers to buy what brand of fingerprint lock, start is consistent: security. Consumers only practical and safe, ordinary people will choose to use and safe locks to protect the safety of his family. Fingerprint lock configuration top fingerprint readers, fingerprint identification technology living creature, must be the body temperature and matching fingerprint to open, identity authentication, safety performance is better. 0. 5 seconds speed open, global tens of millions of families are in use, it has strong security and convenient performance. Use high security anti-theft lock body, in addition, the fingerprint lock with saws, anti collision prevention pry alarm performance, and to provide security for the family. Fingerprint lock according to the China home security and intelligence in the era of progress to fusion, coupled with the living environment a high level of demand in China, the breakthrough of the characteristics of the product each function, are closely linked with the increasingly demand of intelligent life and anastomosis, with a fingerprint lock open new era intelligent life, let every family, every one of us use the fingerprint lock got better security, happy and comfortable to use fingerprint lock.
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