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by:Level      2020-07-09
Like a lot of people have to go out to forget to bring my keys, or locked outside the door. The real awkward situation, any way to crack? Of course, a performance through fingerprint lock can embarrassment in invisible. Fingerprint lock is usually divided into four kinds of fingerprint lock the user identification is more intelligent, security and manageability. In general, fingerprint lock is divided into the following four categories: 1, the combination lock: through the password to unlock, can be divided into mechanical combination lock and keyboard combination lock two kinds. 2, induction lock/IC card lock, and contact with non-contact IC card lock. Contact to insert card lock stitch, let internal card reader with the contact of chip lock; Non-contact just lock card and the card reader can together. 3, electromagnetic lock: application of electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic eed hundreds of kilograms, locked state, the average person and this cannot be opened. 5, real fingerprint lock: biological recognition can be used to open, and use a variety of ways, such as the password, mobile phone, induction card open, at the same time with smart cat's eye, household cameras other locks, intelligent household linkage is the fingerprint lock. What are the advantages of fingerprint lock? A lot of people will still be hesitate when buying, whether to buy or not buy? Don't rush to make a decision, first let's look at the fingerprint lock below exactly what are the advantages. 1, ease obsessive-compulsive disorder often after go out don't know whether I have a friend didn't lock the door. Especially they ask & other; Did you lock the door? ” All the way, are the wind, are nervous. Sometimes, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder had to back to reconfirm some peace of mind. If use the fingerprint lock in the home, go out when conveniently on hand can go, and general fingerprint lock will be locked alarm function. If go out once in a while the door is not locked in place can't touch the latch lock, not induction lock, fingerprint lock will prompt the user through the hum or voice. Fingerprint lock, don't have to return home to see again, obsessions are cured. 2, more secure than you might think a qualified lock, it is important to guarantee the life property safety. At present most of the fingerprint lock are against violence, technical opening alarm function. At present, most of the fingerprint lock have remote monitoring function. That is to say, even if the thief can unlock burglary, fingerprint lock can also through remote monitoring photograph or video as evidence, convenient to call the police. 3, remote door more human life scenes like this are not uncommon, not at home when his relatives and friends came to visit, often let them close to home is waiting for before, and had the fingerprint lock can remote control the fingerprint lock to open the door for the visiting guests. Old person or child inconvenience when I opened the door in the home, both outside and inside, can yourself or let children through remote app to open the door, very convenient. 4, the door can also look at permissions home smart door lock has a powerful user information management background, are free to add/modify/delete user information, you can allow or block certain people to enter. For example, when the nanny moved, can immediately delete their fingerprints, so they will have no permission to open the door anymore. How to choose the high quality locks? 1, see material pledge fingerprint lock production materials mainly have three, respectively is plastic, zinc alloy, stainless steel. Among them, the durability of plastic, fire prevention, explosion proof performance is poor, zinc alloy, stainless steel. Plastic surface of the fingerprint lock general smooth colour and lustre is gorgeous, a little bit rough and zinc alloy, stainless steel material is relatively uniform. 2, try functional test fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock password lock when the response speed and degree. If we can quickly identify the true intelligence, is good, the opposite is poor. 3, see installation services fingerprint lock is properly installed, use safety and service life directly relates to the products. Only the installation of the professional and technical personnel to ensure that the use value of products is not compromised, at the same time, the user interests will not be damaged. If only provides the products, and cannot provide professional installation services, such as fingerprint lock product option is not recommended.
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